St.Clare's F.C Convent, Nirmalagiri

Place : Nirmalagiri
Parish: Nirmalagiri
Established Year: 1993
Address: St.Clare's F.C Convent Peruvanthanam P.O Kodikuthi Idukki Dt.
Pin: 685532
Phone: 4869280169

Realizing the long felt desire of the people  of Nirmalagiri, a village area in the Peerumedu Taluk, to open a branch of FCC in the parish, St.Clare's F C convent was opened on 13/09/1993 and blessed by the Bishop Mar Mathew Vattakuzhy the Bishop of Kanjirappally. A nursery school was also opened shortly. In 2000 a dispensary was opened to provide essential medical care to the poor people around.The sisters take particular care to render any help needed for the physical and spiritual progress of the parishioners and other people in the region.Thus a good relation has been established and fostered between the people and the convent. This convent has become an active presence in the hamlet by working hard for the well being and progress of the people.

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