FCC was prompted into the field of education by the realization that the wealth of a nation is an enlightened people maintaining its sanctity and that the step by step progress form darkness of ignorance to the light of knowledge would transmute the culture of a country. Kanjirappally Province takes up education adapting itself to the local situations and on the staunch belief that value based education would streamline the future of the land.  One English Medium High School, two Upper Primary Schools, one Lower Primary school, four Kindergartens and nine Malayalam Medium Nursery Schools are functioning under FCC in Kanjirappally Province.

Nirmala  Public School Erumelyhas been  turned into a temple of knowledge where thousands are goaded into the world of letters and their budding talents are honed up in sports, games, arts and in spiritual and cultural field. Now there are 830 students, 38 teachers and 18 supporting staff. The school has employed many educated and unemployed youths in the region.

Vimal Jyothi Public School at Mlamala has been proved to be a temple of knowledge for the kids in the region. It was opened in 2004 as a Kindergarten and in due course it was upgraded to the level of a UPS. Now there are 265 students, 13 teachers and 3 supporting staff in the school and the school is steadily on the path of progress.

At Chenappady an LKG was opened in 2005. Now it offers classes up to fifth standard. There are 180 students, 8 teachers and one supporting staff in the school.

Erumely St. Thomas LPS, started in 1927, was handed over to FCC in 1961.Now it is under Kanjirappally Corporate management. The school has 361 students and 18 teachers.

Sisters are also engaged as Kanjirappally Corporate Office Secretary, Administrative Senior Superintendent of Amal Jyothy Engineering College, Accountant of Marian College Kuttikkanam etc.

Nursery schools offer the most influential environment after homes. Nine Malayalam and four English Medium schools are functioning as part of the convents

Mentally retarded children are still not able to merge into the mainstream of society. They are not even reckoned as a part of the society. Pratheeksha Nikethan School, Anakkara and Jeevan Jyothi School Erumely are run with the mission of handholding these children to the mainstream of society.

Three trained sisters are in the counseling field to goad the younger generation disoriented by many emotional and psychological crises and predicaments. The sisters taking the lead in KCSL, DCL, Vincent De Paul, Red Cross, Scout & Guide etc. play a pivotal role in the character formation and spiritual development of the children.



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