Social Service

F.C.C. St. Thomas Province Kanjirappally, from the very beginning, has been giving dew importance to social welfare activities, realizing the need of the people.In 2000 January, a trust was instituted as 'Association for Social Involvement Service in India' (Assisi) to coordinate the social welfare activities of the ProvinceWomen were imparted training in tailoring and sewing machines were provided to them at subsidized rates.

Assisi ongoing training centre

To bolster employment potential a training centre was opened in October 2001 named as Assisi ongoing training centre and training is imparted in sewing, soap making, umbrella making, etc. In 2002, the center was shifted to town building close to the provincial house.

Assisi Krupa Bhavan, Mudakkayam; Assisi Bhavan, Chotti, Nirmala Public school Erumely; Vimal Jyothi Public school, Mlamala and Jeeevan Jyohti special school, Erumely were brought under the trust.

Activities of the training center

Tailoring and tailoring class, making of liturgical gadgets, book binding, candle making, making of soap, washing powder and lotion, rosary making, SHG members are given training in these areas.

Voyta Neuro Physiotherapy

Two sisters are involved in tracing out intellectually retarded children early and training them to live a normal life. Their service is available at St. John's Hospital Kattappana and Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur also.

Family counseling center

The social work center runs a family counseling center. Two trained and qualified sisters are engaged there. Three sisters are engaged full time in school counseling.

Caring for the poor

Assisi old age home, Chotty

Altogether 77 old aged women have hitherto completed their life in the old age home opened in 1993 for the care of the impoverished, sick and destitute old women

Clare Nivas, Parappu

This institution was opened in 1992 for the rehabilitation of differently abled women. 51 women have joined here. Two of them faded into the Lord this year.Now there are 18 members. They live happily together contributing what they are worth.

Assisi Krupa Bhavan, Mundakkayam

In 2002, Kanjirappally province of FCC resolved to offer a refuge somewhere at Mudakkayam to the people, especially women who are exclusively at the mercy of others and being banished from the entire gamut of activities of life. With this objective, a house was opened on 23rd November 2002. Assisi Krupa Bhavan ha s all the necessary facilities, thanks to the grace of God, bedrooms, relaxation/entertainment room, dining hall, verandah, kitchen etc. that are neatly laid out. For the physical and mental exercise and refreshment, poultry farm, pisciculture, horticulture, gardening, kitchen garden etc. are maintained, in which all the healthy ones are actively involved. There is facility for reading the periodicals and for watching quality programmes on television.

St. Joseph's Girls',Home Peruvanthanam

St. Joseph's Girls' Home was opened in June 1980 as part of the silver jubilee celebrations of the convent for the protection of the girls from poor families. Students from 1st standard to plus two stay and study here.

Deepthi Girls'Home Kattappana

In June 1997 the girls' home was opened as part of the convent. Students from 1st standard to tenth live here.

Other social welfare activities

Twenty five per cent of the income of the province is earmarked for social welfare activities. This fund is used for education, medical care, self employment, marriage, house construction etc.
Furthermore, with the funds provided by a parishioner who works in Germany, more than hundred houses have been built for the poor in the high ranges.

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