Renewal Programmes

On November 2nd, the occasion of the Post Centennial Silver Jubilee of our Congregation we conducted a programme for beggers while remembering the life of St.Francis, at St.Thomas provincial House Kanjirappally. On that day we brought them from faraway places and help them to prepare themselves for attending the programme. We provided all facilities, i.e. new clothes, bus fare, and good meal. All the sisters in the house had their meal with them. There were almost forty people participated in the programme. The Panchayath members Mr.Daise, members of Yuvadeepthi was also take part in that programme.

On April 23th we organized a pilgrimage to all the Rev.sisters, who celebrated their Golden Jubilee, to give thanks to the Almighty God for His abundant blessings and to solicit His protection.

The Home mission programme is lead by the Rev.Sisters, in co-operation with the diocese and parish, to make every member of the family to have deep foundation in faith and help them to live in love and peace.

The   renovation  programme and Counseling for three days were lead by Rev. sisters, have been continued, in the catechism classes, to make the children grow deep in  catholic faith and to make them conscious about the value of their catholic vocation.


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